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Pro Travelling Tips for Disabled People

Posted on 08 March 2019 by admin (0)

Pro Travelling Tips for Disabled People

Today’s world is a much-improved place for disabled people than in the past. Most of the countries today have made legislation and practical efforts to make life easier for them. For example, we see disabled-friendly public buildings such as stations, hospitals, and parks. This has made it easier for people with disabilities to move around or travel to different places.  However, there is still a lot to be done and disabled people, especially those who travel alone, have to take extra care to keep themselves safe.

Here are a few important tips for the disabled people who are planning to travel to places they haven’t been before.

1- Make Good Travel Plans

Great planning brings great results. While planning your trip, keep in mind all the situations that may leave you stranded or uneasy.  Flights, hotels, cabs, and your medication should always be at the top of your list. Also, if your trip involves visiting a friend or a relative, informing them about your requirements first-hand may be a great help.

2- Check Facilities for Disabled before Booking Confirmations

Most of the quality hotels and motels are designed to cater to disabled people. However, some hotels may easily overlook basic design features which may cause great inconveniences. It is good to verify that you can move around easily without much difficulty or without any special assistance that may cost you extra bucks.  One tip is to check for the emergency protocols of the hotel; does it include any special protocols for the disabled?

3- Know your Rights

It is difficult for the disabled to move around at public places such as airports. Therefore, they have certain rights and privileges which they can avail whenever they travel. For example, there are special attendants to move disabled people around at airports. My uncle is disabled from an accident working at Amazon. He gets special treatment everywhere he goes.

Although disabled people have to go through all the security protocols at public stations and airports, there is no discrimination of any sort for disabled people. If you feel like you are being treated differently somewhere, feel confident in raising your concern to the authorities.

Extra Medication

It is a good practice to bring extra medication along with you while you are traveling. Many a time, travel luggage is lost at airports. You might want to keep an extra dose or two in your hand carry while traveling. Also, extra medication prevents you from visiting medical stores and looking for your medication if your travel is extended for any reason.

Last but not least, enjoy your travel. Don’t over think about anything while traveling and try to make the most out of your experience.